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Why KakaoCloud

Technology and innovation for a better tomorrow
KakaoCloud strives to create a faster, safer, and new cloud service.

Cloud computing can be likened to constructing and leasing an extraordinary residence situated on prime real estate. 'KakaoCloud' has been developing not just a seemingly decent house but a house that remains unshaken for decades with well-designed main beams and foundations. If a well-built house has beams and foundations, the essence of cloud business lies in 'hardware' and 'network'. To see if cloud services are well-established, asking about the design of this hardware and network can give you an insight into the level of the cloud.

Resilient and Secure Network Foundation

The 'Network' serves as a pivotal technology within the cloud, reflecting the overall technical prowess of the service. Especially when considering cloud services for complex business workloads, it's crucial to ensure that the cloud service starts with a safe and flexible network environment.

Completely Isolated Virtual Data Center

Initiating KakaoCloud services involves establishing a VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), a logically isolated virtual network environment. This isolation extends to KakaoCloud's compute service Beyond Compute Service, necessitating network services such as VPCs. KakaoCloud enables users to tailor their virtual networks within the confines of the standard VPC setup. These VPCs are segregated both logically and physically through Multi-AZ (Multi Availability Zone) deployment, ensuring elevated stability and accessibility.

'Transit Gateway' for Inter-VPC Connectivity

The transition to multi/hybrid cloud and the extension of current cloud frameworks necessitate seamless connectivity between networks or various VPCs. Connecting disparate environments can introduce performance bottlenecks and complicate network architecture.
In such cases, using KakaoCloud's Transit Gateway service allows multiple VPCs to be organically connected without compromising performance, mirroring private networks in data centers. It also enables the establishment of a unified network architecture by linking several VPCs and on-premises networks, enhancing system availability with Multi-AZ support and expediting disaster recovery (DR) strategies.

High-Performance, High-Density Infrastructure

From its entry into the cloud industry, KakaoCloud has actively engaged in hardware innovation and development, focusing on high-performance and high-density computing solutions. These efforts are now manifest in KakaoCloud's exceptional performance credentials.

Collaborative Ventures

KakaoCloud engages in strategic partnerships with leading technology companies, including AMD. Through this alliance with AMD - Xilinx, a leading innovator in programmable semiconductors (FPGAs), significant advancements have been made, notably in the development of SmartNICs and the pursuit of high-performance, cloud-native infrastructure solutions within KakaoCloud. Additionally, these partnerships extend into areas such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the engineering of advanced data center technologies, further underlining our commitment to delivering cutting-edge cloud services.

Investment and Achievements

Cloud services continuously evolve and must adapt to changing customer demands. Directly developing high-performance hardware and applying it to cloud services signifies KakaoCloud's clear differentiation from other domestic cloud providers. KakaoCloud is dedicated to various hardware R&D initiatives, perpetually investing in the enhancement of cloud service performance.

Development Story of KakaoCloud SmartNIC

Exceptional Performance and Cost-Effective Computing Services

KakaoCloud offers a variety of high-performance computing services through the latest hardware and optimized infrastructure. Customers can use KakaoCloud computing services at superior performance and economical prices compared to competitors. Currently, the price of BCS instances is about 80~85% compared to competitors, with additional discounts available through various pricing policies.
For insights into virtual machine or server setup costs, refer to the Pricing Calculator.

Broad Selection of Services

KakaoCloud's Beyond Compute Service offers a wide range of instances, customizable for optimal computing, memory, storage, and networking capabilities to suit varied business needs. Currently, instance types include General Purpose, Memory optimized, Accelerated computing, and Video transcoding instances.

High Performance VMs

KakaoCloud's High-Performance VM (HVM) instances deliver unmatched performance through the implementation of network/storage acceleration technologies based on SmartNIC. HVMs merge the benefits of both virtual and physical servers, making them ideal for specific industries such as blockchain and gaming. These instances offer performance comparable to dedicated servers with the flexibility of virtualization, available at competitive pricing. Furthermore, they support real-time migration and dynamic scaling, set for launch in 2024.

Competitive GPU Services

KakaoCloud offers the most diverse GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) services among domestic cloud service providers (CSPs), securing the latest hardware for high-performance computing services. It also positions GPU instances at prices 80~90% of competitor rates for comparable specifications.

Enhanced Security Measures

KakaoCloud ensures the utmost security for its customers' data and assets through advanced security features, including continuous monitoring, provision of security trends and vulnerability updates, and regular security management reports. This robust security framework is supported by security experts, offering a secure cloud operating environment for all users.

Expedited Technical Support

KakaoCloud commits to swiftly resolving any issues or malfunctions encountered during cloud service usage, backed by a dedicated team of technical experts. Helpdesk is also in operation, ensuring prompt technical assistance.

Service Target Audience

While cloud computing offers many advantages in business, setting up and managing cloud infrastructure can be a complex task. This can pose greater challenges especially for businesses, government organizations, medium/large shopping mall operators, and companies aiming to enter the global market.
KakaoCloud is a Public Cloud accessible to everyone, and detailed consultations are available through KakaoCloud's consultation and implementation inquiries.

Cloud Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure building involves difficulties in terms of cost, time, technology, and resources. Through the technical consulting services offered by KakaoCloud, customers can design and build a cloud infrastructure architecture that suits their business requirements and goals. Professional consultants present the best practices for cloud services and infrastructure migration optimized for the needs of the enterprise.

Public Institutions

Security is one of the most crucial elements in cloud services. If you are interested in using cloud services but are concerned about security, KakaoCloud's technical consultants understand your security requirements and support the implementation of appropriate security controls and monitoring mechanisms.

Public Institutions and Security-Conscious Enterprises

Cloud computing offers flexibility and scalability, helping in efficient utilization of infrastructure resources. KakaoCloud's technical consulting services analyze customer requirements, select optimal cloud resources, and propose methods for implementing automation and scaling features. This enables companies to optimize infrastructure costs, flexibly adjust resources, and maintain high availability and performance.


Medium/large sized online shopping malls require stable and scalable infrastructure to handle high traffic and transactions. KakaoCloud's technical consulting service understands the traffic patterns and requirements of shopping mall operators and presents the optimal architecture, including performance optimization, load balancing, caching strategies, and database management. This improves the user experience and ensures stable transaction processing for shopping mall operators.

Multi-Channel Communication

Maintaining effective communication with customers through various channels like SMS, Push, Email, etc., can enhance customer satisfaction.

Service Release Policy

KakaoCloud's service release policy goes through Alpha, Beta, Full Release phases, commencing pre-productization and extending to customer availability.

  • Alpha phase is designated for Proof of Concept (POC) or testing, marking a preliminary stage where access to the service is granted selectively to a restricted group of customers.

  • Beta phase occurs when the service meets partial planning or business objectives, allowing for broader but still controlled customer access.

  • Full Release phase is the final stage where the release requirements of planning or business are fully met, providing customers with a service that has verified stability and scalability.